In a democratic society, the public relies on the ethical and moral behavior of its elected officials and those who seek public office.  The public expects that an individual who wishes to govern should refrain from any conduct which would be derogatory, unseemly, or unlawful.

To this end, the Leagues of Women Voters of Adams and Jefferson Counties, using information provided by a citizens’ focus group and the City of Westminster Election Commission, have drafted the following Voluntary Code of Ethics for the City of Westminster.

I will address valid issues in the campaign and will truthfully disclose my intentions.

I will not engage in conduct nor permit the use of information or campaign material that diverts, misdirects or influences public attention by distorting or misrepresenting facts that obscure the real concerns of the electorate.

I will limit my comments or statements regarding any opponent to legitimate challenges of that opponent’s record, qualifications or positions on the issues of the election.

I will maintain the highest level of moral and ethical behavior in my conduct of my campaign for public office.

My statements will be honest, accurate, and based upon fact or actual events rather than fabrications or hearsay.

I will give opponents a fair and reasonable opportunity to respond to any and all issues or challenges made by me or others.

I will refrain from the use of appeals to bigotry or prejudice in any manner of form, especially appeals based on issues of race, gender, lifestyle, religion or national origin.

I will complete my campaign statements, reports and disclosures accurately, truthfully and completely.  These statements will be filed with the City Clerk in a timely fashion adhering to the State deadlines in 2019 of 21 days before the election (October 15, 2019), the Friday before the election (Thursday October 31, 2019), and 30 days after the election (December 5, 2019).

I will not engage in any act which diminishes the aesthetic appeal of the City of Westminster.  Therefore, I agree to the prudent use of campaign signs and will not place campaign signs in the public rights-of-way or on public property.  All campaign signs placed on my behalf will be in accordance with City of Westminster sign code regulations.  I further agree to neither relocate, destroy nor obscure signs placed by my opponents or by campaign committees of my opponents.  I will remove all of my signs within 10 days following the election.

I will demand that all persons or organizations supporting me will maintain these standards of conduct and fairness.

I will identify any literature with my campaign committee name.

I agree that I, as a candidate, and my committee, are responsible to seek out such statutory information to include but not be limited to the Colorado Fair Campaign Practices Act and Article XXVIII of the Colorado Constitution, as well as any other information as may be applicable to a particular candidacy, or position on a ballot issue and agree to review and comply with the requirements.

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